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Zodiac (Score) movie soundtrack

Zodiac (Score) Name: Zodiac (Score)
Release year: 2007

Composer: David Shire
Released on: 13/Mar/2007
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 13
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Aftermaths
  2. Graysmith
  3. Law & Disorder
  4. Trailer Park
  5. Dare To Dream
  6. Avery & Graysmith, Toschi & Armstrong
  7. Graysmith Obsessed
  8. Are You Done?
  9. Closer & Closer
  10. Confrontation
  11. Graysmith's Theme
  12. Toschi's Theme (Unused)
  13. Graysmith's Theme (Piano version)
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Author: mary Email: maryhogan3[at]yahoo.com [15/Dec/2011]

what is the name of the song that is played while the skyscraper is being built? An instrumental song.

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