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X-Men The Last Stand (X3) movie soundtrack

Name: X-Men The Last Stand (X3)
Release year: 2006

Composer: John Powell
Released on: 23/May/2006
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 27
Movie soundtrack details
  1. 20 Years Ago
  2. Bathroom Titles
  3. The Church of Magneto/Raven is My Slavename
  4. Meet Leech Then Off to the Lake
  5. Whirlpool of Love
  6. Examining Jean
  7. Dark Phoenix
  8. Angels Cure
  9. Jean and Logan
  10. Dark Phoenix Awakes
  11. Rejection is Never Easy
  12. Magneto Plots
  13. Entering the House
  14. Dark Phoenix's Tragedy
  15. Farewell to X
  16. The Funeral
  17. Skating on the Pond
  18. Cure Wars
  19. Fight in the Woods
  20. St. Lupus Day
  21. Building Bridges
  22. Shock and No Oars
  23. Attack on Alcatraz
  24. Massacre
  25. The Battle of the Cure
  26. Phoenix Rises
  27. The Last Stand
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