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X-Men: First Class soundtrack
X-Men: First Class Name: X-Men: First Class
Release year: 2011

Composer: Henry Jackman
Released on: 28/Jun/2011
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 20
Soundtrack details
  1. First Class
  2. Pain and Anger
  3. Would You Date Me?
  4. Not That Sort Of Bank
  5. Frankenstein's Monster
  6. What Am I thinking
  7. Cerebro
  8. Mobilise For Russia
  9. Rise Up To Rule
  10. Cold War
  11. X-Training
  12. Rage and Serenity
  13. To Beast Or Not To Beast
  14. True Colours
  15. Let Battle Commence
  16. Sub Lift
  17. Mutant and Proud
  18. X-Men
  19. Magneto
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