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What Dreams May Come movie soundtrack

What Dreams May Come Name: What Dreams May Come
Release year: 1998

Composer: Michael Kamen
Released on: 13/Oct/1998
Label: Beyond
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 12
Movie soundtrack details
  1. I Once Met This Beautiful Girl By A Lake/That Was The Last Time We Saw The Children Alive
  2. Children's Melody/Tunnel Crash/Christy's Death/The Journey Begins/I Still Exist/Annie Loses Faith
  3. Summerland (The Painted World)/The Painted Bird Flies/Christy Flies
  4. Marie's World (Leona Is Marie)
  5. Longing (Lost Children)
  6. Annie's Suicide/Soul Mates
  7. In Hell/Stormy Seas/Recognition (Albert Is Ian)
  8. Sea Of Faces/Falling Through Hell/Annie's Room
  9. Beside You/Divorce
  10. Together In Hell/Death And Transfiguration/Together In Heaven
  11. Reunited/Reincarnation/When I Was Young
  12. Mick Hucknell - Beside You
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