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Unstrung Heroes movie soundtrack

Unstrung Heroes Name: Unstrung Heroes
Release year: 1995

Composer: Thomas Newman
Label: Hollywood
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 20
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Outside
  2. Inside
  3. Nowhere Near
  4. Is Unstrung
  5. Star Machine
  6. South Pole
  7. Ballsound
  8. Trace Harm
  9. Main Title (A Load Of Lidz)
  10. Means What It Means
  11. Influenza
  12. The Beast Is Coming
  13. Lipstick
  14. Possible Ideas
  15. Available Materials
  16. Half Amelia
  17. A Blind Man Could See It
  18. 79 RPMs
  19. Home Movies
  20. There Is No Conspiracy
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