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True Lies movie soundtrack

True Lies Name: True Lies
Release year: 1994

Composer: Brad Fiedel
Released on: 19/Jul/1994
Label: Epic Soundtrax
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 17
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Living Colour - Sunshine Of Your Love
  2. Screaming Trees - Darkness Darkness
  3. John Hiatt - Alone In The Dark
  4. Mother Tongue - Entity
  5. Living Colour - Sunshine Of Your Love (remix)
  6. Main Title/Harry Makes His Entrance
  7. Escape From The Chateau
  8. Harry's Sweet Home
  9. Harry Rides Again
  10. Spying On Helen
  11. Juno's Place
  12. Caught In The Act
  13. Shadow Lover
  14. Island Suite
  15. Causeway/Helicopter Rescue
  16. Nuclear Kiss
  17. Harry Saves The Day
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Author: beto Email: billyyesi[at]verizon.net [13/Jun/2007]

what is song playing when jaimee lee curtis dances on the bed pole?

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