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The Secret of NIMH 2 movie soundtrack

The Secret of NIMH 2 Name: The Secret of NIMH 2
Release year: 1998

Composer: Lee Holdridge
Released on: 17/Nov/1998
Label: Sonic Images
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 17
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Prologue/Timmy and Martin
  2. Al Jarreau/Bobbi Page - My Life and My Love
  3. Dom Deluise - Come Make the Most of Your Life
  4. Timmy Says Goodbye/Soaring With Jeremy
  5. Teaching Timmy/The Snake/The Wisdom of Mr. Ages
  6. Ralph Macchio - I Will Show the World
  7. Timmy Meets Jenny/Killer the Attack Dog/Jenny's Story/Muriel and Floyd
  8. Jenny's Plan/The Escape/Flight To N.I.M.H./The Hawk Attacks
  9. Meeting Cecil/Search for the Great Owl
  10. Dom DeLuise - Magic Mystery Show
  11. Angry Animals/Another Escape/The Evil Martin
  12. Eric Idle/Ralph Macchio - Just Say Yes!
  13. Taken Prisoner
  14. Ralph Macchio/Hynden Walsh - All I Had Is Gone
  15. Breakout/Muriel and Floyd Get the Shaft/Trapped by Martin
  16. Escape From N.I.M.H.
  17. Finale
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