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Sarafina movie soundtrack

Sarafina Name: Sarafina
Release year: 1992

Released on: 29/Sep/1992
Label: Warner Bros
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 11
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Sarafina
  2. The Lord's Prayer
  3. Nkonyane Kandaba
  4. Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow
  5. Sabela
  6. Sechaba
  7. Safa Saphel' Isiwe
  8. Thank You Mama
  9. Lizobuya
  10. Vuma Dlozi Lami
  11. James Ingram - One More Time
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Author: woodah jr Email: emario22love[at]yahoo.com.au [10/Jun/2007]

i wan to kno can i hear freedom is comin tomorrow i love this movie i was born in 1992 may 23 and i started watchin this in 2002

Author: napoleon Email: nbaamintah[at]yahoo.co.uk [11/Mar/2009]

I enjoy the song

Author: josh Email: josphineakinyi[at]yahoo.com [23/Jun/2010]

i like the movies of sarafina.

Author: dj gary Email: djgary72mix[at]hotmail.com [31/Jul/2011]

i like this movie & all the songs

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