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SWAT movie soundtrack

Release year: 2003

Composer: Elliot Goldenthal
Released on: 12/Aug/2003
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 14
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Bullet Frenzy
  2. Don't Shoot Me Baby
  3. My Big Black Assault Weapon
  4. AK-47 Scherzo
  5. Three Chords In Two Minutes
  6. Run For Your Life
  7. The Fascist Shuffle
  8. Danny Saber - S.W.A.T. 911
  9. Crash Landing
  10. That Cop Stole My Car
  11. S.W.A.T. Sticker
  12. Bullet Frenzy II
  13. Apollo Four Forty - Time Is Running Out
  14. Hot Action Cop - Samuel Jackson
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Author: Gazz [04/Oct/2005]

The classical music soundtrack writer Elliot Goldenthal has produced something unusual for his style. Elliot Goldenthal is probably one of the greatest soundtrack writers in Hollywood. His great soundtrack for Heat, Final Fantasy or Titus shacked the word. They are adored by many classical music fans.

The SWAT soundtrack is a good attempt to combine classical music with other styles. First track of SWAT soundtrack ´Bullet Frenzy´ is a mix of classical and guitar music.

All tracks are written it fast rhythm. This is clear because movie is full of street gun fights and car chase. Especially ´AK-47 Scherzo´ track shows us that there will be no time to sleep during this soundtrack.

Soundtrack is finishing with two great songs ´Time is Running Out´ and ´Samuel Jackson´.

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