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Rat Race (score) movie soundtrack

Name: Rat Race (score)
Release year: 2001

Composer: John Powell
Released on: 25/Sep/2001
Label: Beyond
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 26
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Let's Meet Our Contestants
  2. A Very Special Reception
  3. I'll Take the Stairs
  4. The Chase Begins
  5. Flights Cancelled
  6. Roswell, New Mexico?
  7. The Cabbie Dumps Owen
  8. The Squirrel Lady
  9. Helicopter Dance
  10. Switch Keys/Should Have Bought a Squirrel
  11. Pollini Wakes/Owens Gets Some Clothes
  12. Wanna See a Heart?
  13. Stealing Some Gas
  14. Chase to the Balloons
  15. I Lost My Heart to a Dog
  16. Bike Dyke Attack
  17. All Alone in the World
  18. From a Rocket Car to a Nut Bus
  19. A Family On Drugs!
  20. The Lucys Chase Owen/Third Reich in the Parking Lot
  21. Arrival at Silver City
  22. Grisham Runs Off with the Hooker
  23. Tour Bus Crash
  24. All the Little Children
  25. La Habanera Loca
  26. Before We Were Russian
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