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Phoenix movie soundtrack
Name: Phoenix
Release year: 1998

Label: Will
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 19
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Main Titles
  2. Four Jokers
  3. Morphine - 11 O'Clock
  4. Louie's Seaworld
  5. Leila Stays Home
  6. Sage - KC
  7. Harry Gets Attacked
  8. A Bet On A Horse
  9. A Trap Is Laid/Nutter & Henshaw Take A Dive
  10. Spain - Untitled # 1
  11. Harry Wins A Bet
  12. A Bet On Life
  13. Joey Gets A Lesson
  14. Hitting Birth - AMA
  15. A Game Of Cards
  16. Fred Gets A Surprise
  17. Getting Things Sorted Out/Doing The Right Thing
  18. Harry's Darker Side
  19. One Final Item Of Business/Keep The Change
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Author: puresurf Email: mr_pure70[at]hotmail.com [11/Jan/2012]

Has anyone been able to find the song "Until Tomorrow"? Is the vocalist Gloria Ann Dorsey? Appreciate the help.

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