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Panther movie soundtrack
Name: Panther
Release year: 1995

Label: Mercury
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 18
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Freedom: Theme From Panther (black bag mix)
  2. JOE - Express Yourself
  3. Blackstreet - We'll Meet Again
  4. Funkadelic/George Clinton/Belita Woods - Black People
  5. Monica/Usher - Let's Straighten It Out
  6. The Points
  7. Bobby Brown - Slick Partner
  8. Aaron Hall - Stand (You Got To)
  9. Da Lench Mob - The World Is A Ghetto
  10. Shanice/Female - If I Were Your Woman
  11. The Sounds Of Blackness/Black Sheep - We Shall Not Be Moved
  12. Female - Natural Woman
  13. Freedom: Theme From Panther (Dallas' dirty half dozen mix)
  14. Hodge - Head Nod
  15. Tony Toni Tone - Stand
  16. The Last Poets - Don't Give Me No Broccoli And Tell Me It's Greens (What Happened To Our Rhythm)
  17. Brian McKnight/The Boys Choir Of Harlem - Star Spangled Banner
  18. The Ultimate Sacrifice
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