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Oscar and Lucinda movie soundtrack

Name: Oscar and Lucinda
Release year: 1997

Composer: Thomas Newman
Released on: 09/Dec/1997
Label: Sony Classical
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 29
Movie soundtrack details
  1. The Paulist Boy Choiristers Of California - Prince Rupert's Drop
  2. Throwing Lots
  3. Dutch Hazards
  4. Sydney Harbor
  5. Rumors
  6. The High Downs And The Sea
  7. Forgive Me
  8. La Chapelle Royale/Collegium Vocale - Os Justi
  9. Six Rivers To Cross
  10. Two Gamblers
  11. The Murder Of The Blacks
  12. Never Never
  13. Floorwashing
  14. Cards And Dogs
  15. One Obsessive 16.
  16. The Paulist Boy Choiristers Of California - Church Of Glass
  17. Letters On The Mantle
  18. Odd Bod
  19. Prayer Wounds
  20. Leviathan
  21. Magic Boxes (White Man's Dreaming)
  22. Other Compulsive
  23. Broken Thing
  24. Seduction Of Mrs. Chadwick
  25. The Paulist Boy Choiristers Of California - Blessed Be The God And Father
  26. Aqua
  27. The Caul
  28. Oscar And Lucinda (End Title)
  29. Ralph Fiennes - Excerpt (from The Random House Audiobook)
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