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Mississippi Burning movie soundtrack

Name: Mississippi Burning
Release year: 1988

Composer: Trevor Jones
Label: Island
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 15
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Mahalia Jackson - Take My Hand Precious Lord
  2. Murder in Mississippi Part 1
  3. Some Things Are Worth Dying For
  4. Murder in Mississippi Part 2
  5. Anderson and Mrs. Pell
  6. Choral - When We All Get To Heaven
  7. Vesta Williams - Try Jesus
  8. Abduction
  9. You Live It, You Breathe It, You Marry It
  10. Murder in Mississippi Part 3
  11. Requiem for Three Young Men
  12. Burning Cross
  13. Justice in Mississippi
  14. Lannie McBride - Walk On By Faith
  15. Lannie McBride - Walk On By Faith
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