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Love Happens movie soundtrack

Love Happens Name: Love Happens
Release year: 2010

Composer: Christopher Young
Released on: 23/Feb/2010
Label: La-La Land Records
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 23
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Love Happens
  2. Kaleidoscope Christmas
  3. A World In The Three Colors
  4. It's MMM... Good
  5. Crystal Flowers
  6. Walk The Talk
  7. Around Or Through?
  8. Past Isn't
  9. Joy Within Each Thought
  10. Groove E
  11. Each Decorated Ditch
  12. Vodka Logic
  13. Mind Noise
  14. Cinnamon Life
  15. We're A-OK
  16. Love Happened
  17. Baggage Blister Hoedown
  18. A Consonant Cry
  19. A Dissonant Discourse
  20. Why The Hell Am I In Heaven?
  21. Not Really Postlude
  22. Freud Who?
  23. Fast Toward The Eye (Of Lorelei)
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