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Lost Liners (TV) movie soundtrack

Name: Lost Liners (TV)
Release year: 2000

Composer: Michael Whalen
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 18
Movie soundtrack details
  1. An Age Gone By
  2. The World Changed
  3. Launching Titanic/Brown's Photographs
  4. Hunting the Lusitania
  5. Queenstown/The Search for Titanic
  6. Saying Goodbye
  7. Two Families
  8. Sailing Into History
  9. Building the Twins
  10. The Titanic Sinks
  11. The Train to Quebec City
  12. A Memorial for the Empress
  13. Unsinkable
  14. Two Ships Pass in the Night
  15. Rescue in the Fog
  16. A Lady Travels Alone
  17. The Immigration Trade
  18. Mary McLaughlin - A Flower on the Sea
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