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Just Visiting movie soundtrack

Name: Just Visiting
Release year: 2001

Composer: John Powell
Released on: 10/Apr/2001
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 26
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Thibault Goes to England
  2. The Hag's Hut
  3. Rosaline & Thibault
  4. Hallucination and Execution
  5. To Chicago
  6. Thibault Sees Julia
  7. My Cousin, My Descendent
  8. Ode de Toilet
  9. Tub for Two
  10. So Many Descendents
  11. Kissing Cousins
  12. Searching for a Wizard
  13. Another Visitor
  14. On the Bridge
  15. Feel Like a Lady
  16. Andre Can't Ask
  17. The Wizard Pulls Himself Together
  18. The Wizard Cooks
  19. Andre Asks to Stay
  20. Not a Bunny
  21. The Big Chase
  22. What Will I Do Without You
  23. Thibault and the Wizard Return Home
  24. In the Icehall
  25. Hunter Gets It/Julia Sees the Castle
  26. Your Time Will Cometh
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