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JoJo's Circus (TV) movie soundtrack

Name: JoJo's Circus (TV)
Release year: 2004

Released on: 10/Feb/2004
Label: Disney
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 25
Movie soundtrack details
  1. JoJo's Circus Theme Song
  2. Pop Up!
  3. Rum Tum Tum
  4. The Stretching Song
  5. Walk Like an Elephant
  6. Jump Swish Shimmy
  7. Itchy Oochy Me
  8. Snake Dance
  9. Where is Dinky?
  10. Uncle Flippy had a Farm
  11. Lean, Bob, Flap
  12. Cotton Candy Sure is Sweet
  13. 'Spotlight Moment' Theme Song
  14. Cannonball JoJo
  15. The Balance Song
  16. The Little Big Top Boogie Band
  17. Pop the Balloons
  18. Clownfoot
  19. The Whatchamadoodle
  20. Hoop Jump
  21. Laugh and Clap
  22. Messy Mess
  23. Gettin' Spongy
  24. The Shush Song
  25. Tickle Goodnight
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Author: silas Email: 306 [03/Nov/2010]

jojo and skeebol
and croake the frog
and jojo's dad and mom
and her friends

Author: saman Email: kboldensmith30[at]yahoo.com [24/Nov/2010]


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