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Jane Eyre movie soundtrack

Jane Eyre Name: Jane Eyre
Release year: 1996

Composer: Alessio Vlad
Released on: 21/Sep/1999
Label: drg
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 18
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Jane Eyre's Theme
  2. Jane's Infancy
  3. Helen's Theme
  4. Jane's Theme
  5. Helen and Jane
  6. Thornfield
  7. Rochester's Theme
  8. Jane's Journey
  9. Fire at Thornfield
  10. Jane's Dreams 11.
  11. Lowood
  12. Blanche's Arrival
  13. Jane's Return
  14. Jane and Rochester
  15. Winter at Lowood
  16. Jane's Wedding
  17. Return to Thornfield
  18. Jane Eyre's Theme
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