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I Served the King of England movie soundtrack

I Served the King of England Name: I Served the King of England
Release year: 2008

Composer: Ales Brezina
Released on: 12/Aug/2008
Label: Milan Records
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 24
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Slapstick - Hot Dogs
  2. The Emperor's Banquet
  3. I Served The King Of England
  4. Banknotes On The Floor - Mr. Walden
  5. Can-Can
  6. Not Just Now
  7. The Forest
  8. Mr. Dite
  9. Aurora (Hotel Paris)
  10. Jaruska - Love Scene
  11. Marcela
  12. Bees
  13. Von mir aus kann's regnen (from the album Midnight Swing 1939-1945)
  14. Venezianisches Gondellied
  15. Falling Banknotes
  16. Snowball Fight
  17. Bloody Moon Rhapsody
  18. Sperm Sampling
  19. Prayer (Julinka At The Table)
  20. Mr. Walden In The Cattle Wagon
  21. The Bombing
  22. Falling Banknotes II
  23. Sudetenland
  24. Credits (Mr. Dite II)
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