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Evolution movie soundtrack
Evolution Name: Evolution
Release year: 2001

Composer: John Powell
Released on: 12/Jun/2001
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 23
Movie soundtrack details
  1. The Meteor
  2. Cells Divide
  3. In the Hall by the Pool
  4. The Army Arrives
  5. The Ira Kane?
  6. Fruit Basket for Russell Woodman
  7. The Water Hazard
  8. Burgled
  9. The Forest
  10. The Cave Waltz
  11. Blue Fly
  12. Cutie Pie
  13. Animal Attack
  14. Dino Valley
  15. The Mall Chase
  16. Monitors Out
  17. Room for One More
  18. Fire
  19. Selenium
  20. The Firetruck
  21. The Amoeba Emerges
  22. To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
  23. Our Heroes
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