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Don Quixote (TV) movie soundtrack
Name: Don Quixote (TV)
Release year: 1999

Composer: Richard Hartley
Released on: 25/Apr/2000
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 38
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Main Title
  2. When Knights Roam/Rosinante
  3. The Story Begins
  4. Giants/Tilting at Windmills
  5. Approaching the Castle
  6. Washing the Armour
  7. The Ceremony
  8. Sancho Gets Tossed
  9. Princess Rides Off
  10. Two Great Armies/Battle of the Sheep
  11. Wages
  12. Attack By Prisoners
  13. Golden Helmit
  14. Banquet with Dulcinea
  15. A Wonderful Lover
  16. Dapple Comes Home
  17. A Magnificent Performance
  18. The Little Children
  19. Arrival at Inn
  20. Malfatto in the Wine Cellar
  21. Bonfire of the Library
  22. The Lion is Free
  23. The Letter
  24. Carrasco's Cure 26.
  25. Arrival in Toboso
  26. In Search of Beauty
  27. Knight of the Mirrors
  28. Joust with Knight of Mirrors
  29. Down the Well
  30. Shell Shock
  31. Dinner with the Boratorios
  32. Journey Beyond the Stars
  33. Arrival at Esperanzo
  34. The Duchess Arrives at the Joust
  35. The Knight of the Moon
  36. The Final Joust
  37. The Will
  38. Death of Don Quixote
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