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Dolphin Tale soundtrack

Dolphin Tale Name: Dolphin Tale
Release year: 2011

Composer: Mark Isham
Released on: 11/Oct/2011
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 21
Soundtrack details
  1. Dolphin Dance
  2. Gift From Kyle
  3. Finding Winter
  4. Aquarium
  5. Rufus
  6. I'm Hazel
  7. Winter Swims
  8. Never Calls
  9. News About Kyle
  10. Chumash Story
  11. Sawyer And Winter
  12. Putting On The Tail
  13. The Coming Storm
  14. The Little Girl
  15. Clay Changes His Mind
  16. Winter's A News Story
  17. Winter Tries Another Tail
  18. The New Tail
  19. Family Is Forever
  20. Swim
  21. Dolphin Tale End Credits
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Author: kiwi Email: kiaradavidson[at]gmail.com [25/Oct/2011]

I love dolphin tale.I think my favorite charetor is Hazel or sawer.I really want to meet Hazel but i know i cant.In the movie Someone says Hazel and sawyer are 9 and thats how old i am.I think my favorite part is when Winter fineshes the bottle and she throws it behind and she wants more. :)

I had a dream that hazel,sawer and me were all friends.It was kinda a weird dream because when i had to wake up for school,the very last part was Hazel and sawer kissed.I woke up crying because I really want to meet Hazel ether the real or actor i dont care.But as i said is i know i cant.My family of 4 is saving up to go to Disny Land But i told my mom i want to go to florida insted so i can see winter.My eyes are hazel and i dont think thats why HAZEL is my favorite its just she is a real chatter box like me and she is oso caring.I love Hazel and Sawer :)

love your biggest fan kiwi/kiara

Author: kiwi Email: kiaradavidson[at]gmail.com [25/Oct/2011]

I know i sent you something already and i dought you will get that or this because you proboblay get 10000 emails a day but if you are reading this it is for Hazel.If she is there please let her read this and it can be the real Hazel or the actor.But if you are reading this Hazel you are my life.I evan had a dream about you and woke up crying because i really want to meet you.I just really want to meet you soooo bad.I know it is like 99.1 chance I wont meet you or get to talk to you in person.If you want to see me,you can go to you tube and put in chrismas comes to town and you will see a girl and that will proboblay be me.Like im not saying you need to,but if you do i have dirty blond hair but in that ill proboblay have blond.Maybe dirty blond.Anyway There is a christmas tree behind me so yha.Im sick right now and i am home alone.You are so pretty and caring in the movie so i would think you are in real life:)I really want to meet you.So if it is the real one,i have a question.(Oh and if it isnt the real one and you know the anser you can anser it)Do you really work at a the sea marine or what its called?Im sorta crying right now cause I think you are the best person ive ever met!!!I think you and sawyer would be good friends because sawyer dosent have any friends at the beging and he gets a friend and its you.Well he could have any friend but i would like to be friends with you or sawyer.I think Dolphin tale is a great movie like one of the best ones ive ever saw.You are my life and I would really want to meet you.If i got to pick out of me getting 100000 dollars or seeing you i would pick 100000 dollars because then i would take a plane with my family and i would go to sea water marine and see winter and i dnt know if could see you but if i could i would give yu the rest f the money but i know i will never get that much money.please please please send me an e-mail back because i really want to at least know that you care for your fans.Well I know you do care for your fans like totally but i just want an e-mail from you because i at least want to hear from you.I have been trying to find your email for 5 hours and i found this so i hope it works


kiara your biggest fan!!!!!

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