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Charlie & The Chocolate Factory movie soundtrack
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Name: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Release year: 2005

Composer: Danny Elfman
Released on: 12/Jul/2005
Label: Warner Home Video
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 20
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Wonka's Welcome Song
  2. Augustus Gloop
  3. Violet Beauregarde
  4. Veruca Salt
  5. Mike Teavee
  6. Main Titles
  7. Wonka's First Shop
  8. The Indian Palace
  9. Wheels in Motion
  10. Charlie's Birthday Bar
  11. The Golden Ticket/Factory
  12. Chocolate Explorers
  13. Loompa Land
  14. The Boat Arrives
  15. The River Cruise
  16. First Candy
  17. Up and Out
  18. The River Cruise - Part 2
  19. Charlie Declines
  20. Finale
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Author: Matt Johnson [04/Oct/2005]

Another Danny Elfman´s soundtrack released in start of autumn 2005. Movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where directed by his old friend Tim Burton. They have been working together for 11 years already.

The remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (1985) proved to be very successful and starts with soundtrack of a great composer Danny Elfman.

Mind first song and whole soundtrack will be pure Danny Elfman´s style. First track ´Wonka´s Welcome Song´ is unusual, but at the same time pretty funny and shows us Wonka´s kooky sense of humour.

After listening songs 8 and 15 ´The Indian Palace´ and ´The River Cruise´ I was shocked and surprised. It is very amazing how Danny Elfman was showing us the music world of lost civilizations.

The collaboration of two great professionals Elfman and Burton created another great movie and soundtrack. This soundtrack one should listen to, especially Elfman´s funs and people who love good music.

If you hear about Elfman and Burton duet for the first time, you should listen to another Elfman´s soundtracks. Here they are: Mars Attacks!, Sleepy Hollow and many more.

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