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Caravans movie soundtrack

Name: Caravans
Release year: 1978

Composer: Mike Batt
Label: Columbia
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 14
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Caravans on the Move
  2. Main Title
  3. Russian Dance
  4. Inside Sardar Khan's Palace
  5. Journey to Badek
  6. The Camp at Qualir
  7. The Desolate Valley
  8. Caravan Song
  9. Qualir at Night
  10. Storm in the Desert
  11. Becky's Waltz
  12. Kochi Dancer
  13. The Aftermath
  14. Theme from Caravans
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Author: Henry Email: bighenners[at]yahoo.com.au [10/Apr/2009]

My favourite movie soundtrack.
Close your eyes and you are right there in the Sahara desert.
You can almost smell the food and the camels. Great stuff,with unusual instrumentation

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