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Alphabetical list of movie soundtracks

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L.A. Confidential
L.A. Confidential (score)
La Bamba
La Dolce Vita
La Femme Nikita
La Femme Nikita (TV)
La Fete Sauvage
La Metamorphose des cloportes
La Revolution Francaise (The French Revolution)
La tortue rouge
La Vie en Rose: La Mome
Ladder 49
Ladies in Lavender
Ladron que roba a ladron
Lady in the Water
Lady Sings the Blues
Lake Placid
Land & Freedom
Land of the Dead
Land of the Giants (TV)
Land of the Lost
Larger than Life
Larry Crowne
Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
Lars and the Real Girl
Last Chance Harvey
Last Dance
Last Exit to Brooklyn
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing (unused score)
Last Night
Last Orders
Last Stand at Saber River
Last Tango in Paris
Laurel Canyon
Law Abiding Citizen
Lawnmower Man 2 Beyond Cyberspace
Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia (re-recording)
Laws of Attraction
Layer Cake
Lazy Town
Le Boucher (The Butcher)
Le Cercle Rouge (The Red Circle)
Le Divorce
Le Magnifique
Le Mepris (Contempt)
Lean on Me
Leap of Faith
Leave it to Beaver
Leaving Las Vegas
Left Behind
Left Behind (score)
Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde 2
Legend (restored score)
Legends of the Fall
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
Les Felins
Les Miserables
Les Miserables (TV)
Let Him Have It
Let Me In
Let's Do It Again
Let's Get Lost
Let's Make Love
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon 2
Lethal Weapon 3

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